Suka Bag souvenir of Japan Bleu


Inspired by Sukajan, the « suka Bad» is a shopping bag, everyday use, ultra resistant and vintage inspired.

Essential fashion accessory to complete a trendy and  look.


Inspired by the "Sukajan", the "suka bag" is an ultra practical and durable tote bag inspired by vintage clothing.

Its vegetable-tanned leather handles reinforced with brass rivets, and its removable shoulder strap make this tote bag a large capacity bag for storing A4 files, computer and small everyday items.

Appreciated for its Japanese and vintage look, it is an essential accessory to complete a trendy and feminine look.

Quilted padding on the inside protects the contents of the bag from impact damage.

  • Japanese rayon Fabric
  • HBT Made in Japan pocket with Blood chit print
  • Japanese Hickory lining (true Indigo)
  • Geniune vegetable-tanned leather
  • Brass metal parts
  • Wool embroidery reprensenting 2 eagles
  • Name Tag souvenir of japan
  • Dimensions: 44 x 34 x 9,5 cm
Suka Bag souvenir of Japan Navy

Suka Bag souvenir of Japan...